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Bookit! Demonstrations

There are several ways of taking a look at what Bookit! can do for you:

* Sit back and watch the Videos

1. Contact management the easy way
See how conveniently the software keeps you on task during that most dreaded part of contact management.... cold calls

2. Create a contract and update the schedule(s)
See how every repetitive task has been eliminated. Enter show specifics once and with a single click you have a contract in hand, signed and ready to be emailed or dropped into a window envelope.

3. Bulk Mail - Totally automated
Use the powerful grouping tools to select which clients to target, then instantly create labels sorted per USPS instructions, complete with separators and Tray Labels.

* More Hands-On? Test Drive the Demo Site

Log on to the demo site and move around the dummy data. Enter a client - book a show - Don't forget to look at the web calender that comes packaged with BookIt!

* Specific Questions? Request a live on-line demo

Get an in-depth guided tour using iChat, Gotomeeting or Logmein.

Seen Enough? Sign up here!

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