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Frequently Asked Questions

Why run my booking application on line instead of on my own computer?
Is my data safe?
What if my internet connection is down?
Can I import the data from my current system?

Why run my booking application on line instead of on my own computer ?

  1. Your data is accessible from any computer with internet access, even your phone.
  2. Automatic off-site backups protect your data from theft and catastrophic damage
  3. Automatic updates to the latest version of the Bookit software
  4. Nothing to move/configure/install when you make a hardware switch
  5. Send mass emails directly from your database and give your leads the possibility to opt out of further automated emails by simply clicking a link. No further action required from you.

How safe is my data?

Your data is stored in a separate database to which only your users are granted access.
You connect to your data securely using SSL.
Your data is backed up daily, encrypted and stored at an off-site location.

What if my internet connection is down?

You have no access to your booking system while off-line. However, you can always have access to your booked - and available dates if you set up your local version of iCal to synchronize with the on-line calendar.
It is also possible to run a backup version of the Bookit! software on your local computer and keep a local synchronized database. (Suitable hardware and extensive setup required).
All things considered, temporary lack of connectivity is a minor inconvenience compared to that of a crashed hard drive or a stolen laptop - even with a diligent backup routine.

Can I import the data from my current system?

Quickly import large amounts of data using the integrated csv import tools. The Bookit! database structure is such that csv exports from other products often need further separating. For Instance, a 'Name' Field will have to be split up into 'First Name' and 'Last Name' fields. Our resident data wizards will gladly scrub and import your csv file for you, for a painless transition to the Bookit! system.

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